Friday, October 06, 2006

The Detainee Bill or How I Learned to Live in a Dictatorship

I can’t figure out why people weren’t up in arms over this assault on the founding principles of this country. Are the people of this country really that dumb? That Cowardly? So much so that they are willing to sell out the fundamental freedoms and principles on which this country was founded?

It has been shown that this bill allows the president to take anyone anywhere at anytime for any reason off of the street and hold them forever, torture them, and never have to explain any of it to anyone. How un-American is that? How can any Congress person have supported such a travesty? Why aren’t there calls from every corner of this country for all of the people who voted for this assault on the Constitution being called to resign? Each and every one of them swore to uphold that Constitution and they abandoned that oath so that they could pretend to protect us.

Why do the people who supported this bill think we fought the War of Independence, the Fascists or the Communists? What were we defending? Capitalism?

Yet, it seems that economic freedom is the only binding principle for the Republican Party. They talk of freedom and morals, but they neither want nor have either. If we as a people sit idly by and let this happen, we needn’t worry about the terrorists destroying our country. We’ll have already lost everything to the jack boots at the door.


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