Monday, September 11, 2006

AKA The Bush War on Terror

You go to the Dr. because you have a suspicious mole on your right arm. The Dr. says it looks bad and decides that you should immediately have chemotherapy. You protest that you’d like a second opinion. The Dr. questions your desire to become well and has you incarcerated in a mental hospital citing mental illness. Five years later you find yourself strapped to a gurney without legal recourse due to your ‘mental incapacity’, your body has been ravaged by endless doses of chemo and you still have a mole on your right arm. The Dr., meanwhile, claims you are doing better but are not yet well and that you must stay the course if you plan to get better.

Good Luck.


Anonymous andrew said...

time for a new doctor..and a malpractice suit..

12:11 PM  

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