Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back from vacation

I totally stopped reading, watching or listening to the news for a little over a week. Took the family to Maine and it was good. The Decider continues to ruin this country, and I've got a Weldon supporter at the end of my street. Woohoo.

Speaking of Weldon, I decided to take a little look at his re-election site. Seems the not so Honorable Mr. Weldon would like us all to think that he's not a Decider enabler and is only looking out for Pennsylvanians. Well, I'll let his record speak for itself.

Anyway, while visiting (and noticing no traces of The Decider), I happened upon a curious little blog button. It has only one post in which Mr. Weldon wants to hear our thoughts on today's issues. So I posted this little gem in response to the second (of 11) comments-

That's right, Sestak should've stayed in PA and given his daughter a lucrative lobbying job instead of adequate health care.

Let's just say I'm still waiting for Congressman Weldon's honest and straight forward opinion.


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