Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time for another link dump

Things have been hopping at work so I haven't had much time for surfing and such, but here are a few things I've dug up in the last couple of days.

Here's an interesting comparison of quotes. I got 12 right.

I also found a bunch of public domain books available for download here. I found an interesting book by Lewis Sinclair on the Australian version called 'It Can't Happen Here'. Haven't finished it yet but it is a fictional account of the rise of fascism in the US from the point of view of a New England newspaper owner. It could've been written yesterday if not for the laborious names and turn of the last century prose.

Oh, if you have AT&T, you're records don't belong to you. [You can also get '1984' on the sites above.]

I've never thought about burning a flag before, but if this dumb ass amendment passes I do believe I'm going to go out and buy a flag for just such a purpose and piss on the ashes.


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