Friday, May 12, 2006

Thank the Flyning Spaghetti Monster it's Friday.

Gonna try to keep it light today. I got in a huge arguement today with two former Navy guys about the President spying on everyone and their mothers. They thought it was just fine. I'm wondering what ideals we're supposedly fighting for. Life, liberty the pursuit of happiness? Democracy? Bullshit. Life, maybe. Liberty, no way. We'll embrase any third world dictator piece of shit if he's willing to sell us oil. Wouldn't want to be a woman in South Dakota. Or gay. Or a minority. Or in the path of the next hurricane.

What happened to keeping it light? That's what the links are for.

Otto Man turned me on to It is pretty cool. You can plug in artists are songs that you like and it will play back those and others that fit that style. You can then rate them, delete the ones you don't like as well as keep a record of all your favorites. On top of all that it's free.

I've had a lot of fun with this.


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