Friday, May 19, 2006

Neville Bush

I read a few days back an article (I can't remember where at this point) about how if Bush had proposed this option back before labeling them part of the Axis of Evil, North Korea may not have taken the drastic steps toward becoming a nuclear power.

Now we see the same thing happening in Iran. North Korea has so far been able to avoid any reprisals and is pretty much doing whatever it wishes because it can threaten allies with nuclear attack. Iran's government, clearly interested in self-preservation, can do no different. Add to it that it supplies Russia and China with a great deal of oil they desperately need for economic growth and I think it is virtually assured that Iran will have a bomb as soon as they figure out how. The US will be as powerless to stop it as it was with North Korea.

So, thanks to this President and his would be laughable, if not so catastrophic, foreign policy. Worst President EVER.


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