Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Too Depressed

I thought about writing about what a bunch of cowardly fucktards the Democratic leadership in congress is.

I thought about how these useless sacks of blue blood blubber have just turned over the last independent branch of government to George Fucking Bush, on the very day of his State of the Union Address.

I thought about writing about how all the debate surrounding unwarranted searches of American citizens is now just a lot of useless banter. How, with this lay down, there are no longer any checks to this president's power.

I thought about writing about how that smug SOB will sit there and stutter through all the victories he's had, and about how the whole country is behind him and this landmark vote on Alito is just more proof. He'll go on about the filter and about how they have been distorting his message, yet even so the country is behind him.

I also thought about how he'll trot out all his grand plans for a new Social Security how great a success Medicare is and so on.

I thought about writing about how pundits are claiming that Democrats would be bringing a knife to a gun fight when it comes to the now defunct filibuster. I thought about telling them that if everything you stand for, and everything you love is being threatened by a power grabbing megalomaniac, you fight with anything you have or it's already gone.

I thought about writing about how the Democrats picked a DINO to respond to all the SOTU, and how it's just another sign that they have surrendered everything to the Dear Leader. That they have no soul or fighting spirit.

Yeah, I thought about it, but I'm just too depressed.


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