Friday, October 21, 2005

friday playlist

Norbizness does a friday morning critique of the 1st 10 songs that come out of your mp3 player in the morning. It's fun to see what you have on there and why. So's here's what came out of mine today.

1. "Cripple Creek" The Band- a bona fide classic. 8/10

2. "Lie Detector" Reverend Horton Heat- He's pretty new to me. I've been missing out. 7/10

3. "South Hampton Dock" Pink Floyd- Really Roger Waters' first solo album. This is just pt 2 of about 100 of the my daddy died in the war jag. 3/10

4. "Julius" Phish- I really like this one. The thing I like about Phish in general is it seems that they just love to play. I get the feeling they would play the same way whether they were in a bar, basement, or major arena. 9/10

5. "Still Remains" Stone Temple Pilots- The Purple Album is just great. One of the last albums released in vinyl as a collectors item. 8/10

6. "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" Pink Floyd- I just sat down at my desk at work when this came on. Need some corn flakes. 8/10

7. "Obvious" Janes Addiction- I always thought that Ritual de lo Habitual was WAY ahead of it's time. 8/10

8. "The Final Cut" Pink Floyd- Seems my ipod is on a Pink Floyd spree. 4/10

9. "Baby Gotterdammerung" Monster Magnet- eh... 4/10

10. "A New Machine Pt. 1" Pink Floyd- from there fist "We're old now. Pay us." album. 2/10

11. "Maggie's Farm" Rage Against the Machine- I love to compare this version to Bob Dylan's original. Just funny. Plus Rage's version totally f**kin rocks when you've got it turned up as loud as it goes and the whole back office is shaking. Yeah! 9.9/10

6.89- those last few killed me, and I tossed out #10


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