Friday, October 28, 2005

So, So, So many more to go...

Why wasn't he fired?

I'm so glad Bush ordered everyone to cooperate fully with Fitzgerald's investigation. One more proof that this paper president has no real power even in his own White House. Between the religious right smashing his Miers' nomination and the out right disregard these charges represent toward his internal directives (if ever actually given), there can be no doubt who is running this country. If Bush wanted to even pretend to be president, why didn't he demand his resignation personally. Instead, his chief of Staff takes it and then tells him about it.

I just hope that all of the obstruction just pushes his eventual conviction (hope and pray) past the end of Bush's term so a president facing re-election will have to decide whether or not to pardon him or others who should follow.

You can read the indictment on Fitzgerald's official page. (link to pdf format)
This should put a nail in all those RNC talking points.

Maybe she should stop taking the yellow ones?

Friday, October 21, 2005

friday playlist

Norbizness does a friday morning critique of the 1st 10 songs that come out of your mp3 player in the morning. It's fun to see what you have on there and why. So's here's what came out of mine today.

1. "Cripple Creek" The Band- a bona fide classic. 8/10

2. "Lie Detector" Reverend Horton Heat- He's pretty new to me. I've been missing out. 7/10

3. "South Hampton Dock" Pink Floyd- Really Roger Waters' first solo album. This is just pt 2 of about 100 of the my daddy died in the war jag. 3/10

4. "Julius" Phish- I really like this one. The thing I like about Phish in general is it seems that they just love to play. I get the feeling they would play the same way whether they were in a bar, basement, or major arena. 9/10

5. "Still Remains" Stone Temple Pilots- The Purple Album is just great. One of the last albums released in vinyl as a collectors item. 8/10

6. "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" Pink Floyd- I just sat down at my desk at work when this came on. Need some corn flakes. 8/10

7. "Obvious" Janes Addiction- I always thought that Ritual de lo Habitual was WAY ahead of it's time. 8/10

8. "The Final Cut" Pink Floyd- Seems my ipod is on a Pink Floyd spree. 4/10

9. "Baby Gotterdammerung" Monster Magnet- eh... 4/10

10. "A New Machine Pt. 1" Pink Floyd- from there fist "We're old now. Pay us." album. 2/10

11. "Maggie's Farm" Rage Against the Machine- I love to compare this version to Bob Dylan's original. Just funny. Plus Rage's version totally f**kin rocks when you've got it turned up as loud as it goes and the whole back office is shaking. Yeah! 9.9/10

6.89- those last few killed me, and I tossed out #10

Thursday, October 20, 2005

It just keeps getting better

Here's a more gas to throw on the possible Cheney indictment fire.

I can only hope it's true. I don't think that Bush would nominate McCain though or even if he did, McCain accepting. I think he would only take it if he thought it could benefit a possible presidential run in '08. I'm not so sure being associated with this administration would be any more helpful to him than it was for Gore with Clinton.

The other possibility would be that with half his staff indicted and record low poll numbers, Bush ends up resigning. Or, dare I hope, impeached by a democratic resurgence in the House/ Senate in '06? We could have a new Gerald Ford on our hands in '08. (only president never elected as VP or president)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A funny job application for the Bush White House from the folks @

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Good Times

You know things are bad when it's Matt Lauer working over the president on what was supposed to be a fluff piece on a morning magazine show that's usually more interested in who the next James Bond is going to be than creating or breaking a story.

I haven't the vocabulary or the writing skills to articulate just how fun it is to see the Republican establishment in so much trouble. It would be better of course if they weren't destroying the country and selling out our futures to the oil companies, but maybe this'll slow them down some.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My dream coming true?

Write your Rep. and get them to support the Senates version of the bill.
With this and an apparent fight with conservatives looming over his pick of Meiers, things could be shaping up nicely.