Monday, September 26, 2005

The Steaming Turd that is the BCS

The ranking system in NCAA Div. 1 football is the biggest joke in all of sports. What about the Temple Owls you say? Not even close. Football is supposed to be a sport. Not a popularity contest. Yet teams are ranked not by there abilities and victories, but rather by the whims of sports writers, fans and coaches. I can't understand why it isn't better for the sport to have teams play in a championship round robin until only one is left standing. You simply take the top 2 or three teams in each conference, ranked by WINS, seed the top versus the bottom through a random draw and watch the frey. That would always give us a true champion and a shit load of bowl games which would now be a championship series. The fans would get a better product. Bowl stadiums, TV and teams would still get the cash.

No more subjective bullshit. LET THEM PLAY!

...Oh, and Joe Paterno is a God. GO PENN STATE!


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