Friday, September 30, 2005

Push Bush to Obsolescence

I can only hope that Democrats force Bush to veto the next defense bill as threatened. They should point out that it's because he is trying to cover up the abuses in Guantanimo, Iraq and Afghanistan. They should point to the fact that we're spending cash like we're Condolezza Rice in a shoe store. Or how about the millions being spent on missile defense when all it took to perpetrate the worst attack on US soil was a few $4 box cutters and a fucking plane ticket. Somehow our spending 400+ Billion isn't gonna do it.

The best thing that could happen though is if moderates like McCain can get enough Republican support to override the veto. House Repubs are ducking for cover now and are looking for ways to distance themselves from the administration. Who knows? But a blow that severe would finish this administration and then the democrats could look to make headway in '06. Dare I dream?


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