Thursday, September 22, 2005

How to pay for everything.

How will we pay for the War on Terror, Iraq, the National Debt., Katrina, Rita, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security? LEGALIZE DRUGS!! Let's look at some statistics shall we?

Value of confiscated drugs in FY 1998= 20.9 billion (year for prices given)
Law enforcement budget for the war on drugs FY 2000= 17.7 billion

This is only an example of what we know. Some estimates place the value of the illicit drug trade in the US at $400 billion That's Katrina and Iraq. Covered.

If the US government was to legalize the importation of these substances, it would cut out one of the major supplies of funding for terrorists as well as provide a reliable source of income for farmers in Columbia, Mexico, Afghanistan and others. It would also allow for the realocation of forces, both law and military, into fighting actual terrorism at home and abroad. It would also allow for the cutting or realocation of funds being spent in these countries for fighting the drug trade. Instead they would become a source of revenue from the new taxes on importation.

It would also cut the legs out from under every major gang in the country. No more Crips, Bloods or Kings. The money saved from fighting urban gangs could be respent in shoring up education in blighted cities. Give these kids a chance to make a real life for themselves and a future and I think they'll take it.

"What about the problems of drug users?" you ask. We already have a huge problem with drug users. The millions we currently spend incarcerating non-violent offenders could easily be spent in education & rehabilitation.

Instead we are pissing away billions upon billions of dollars for a war on drugs that is unwinable.
Puritan ethics. You can fucking have 'em. I'll take real freedom any day.

Oh, and here's what the Republicans in the House think we should do to pay for everything.
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